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The MyC app gives individuals personalized control over contact sharing. Staying connected has never been easier with user control over information sharing, up-to-date contact details, and personalized voice-activated calling.

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MyC's Mission

To make technology that connects people effortlessly

Top Features

Customizable and hands-free contact access
Easy sharing of contacts
Current address book
Personalized voice-activated calling

Key Features

Customizable Contact Access

The contact details you would give your boss are quite different from the details you would give your best friend. With MyC, you can choose exactly which phone numbers, addresses, emails, and social media accounts you want your contacts to access.

Current address book

Like the saying goes – it’s not what you know, but who you know. Be assured that you have the current contacts of everyone in your circle!

Hands-free calling

Safety first. Use MyC to reach your contacts "hands-free" with just a word or two.

Personalized voice-activated calling

We all pronounce names a little differently. Record your own voice for voice activation on contacts, which guarantees that MyC knows who you want to reach.

Update details once.

Sending out address change announcements is a thing of the past. Update any detail once, and your entire circle gets your new information instantly.


Free for individuals.
Corporate pricing coming soon

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